Upcoming 2022 Powder Puff

Players predictions on the win.

Addison Turner, Staff Writer

2022 is the first time in two years that Oakmont students are able to do Powder Puff. 2022 freshman, sophomore and juniors will be up against seniors. 

Freshman Alexis Stahlecker joined Powder Puff to have fun with her friends for her first year at Oakmont and is most excited for the game.

“I think the underclassmen are gonna win because we are the best,“ Stahlecker said.

However, senior Madison Redinger joined Powder Puff so she could play with her strength at its highest point for her last year and found a challenge learning the plays.

“Seniors will for sure win because we are the best and have the strongest players,” Redinger said. 

Junior Olivia Ward agrees with Redinger. She joined Powder Puff because she couldn’t play in freshman or sophomore year but she doesn’t have high hopes of winning. 

“Definitely the seniors, because they got more athletic people. They [also] have more experienced people,” Ward said. 

Stahlecker isn’t the only one who thinks the freshman, sophomore and juniors will win. Most of the underclassmen think they will win. Sophomore Rachel Eccles is a very contact person and is ready for the game.

“I’m excited for the big war at the end.” Eccles said, “For sure freshmen, sophomores and juniors will win the game, not seniors.”

The big game was Apr. 7 and they ended the game in overtime with a 0-0 score.