Love On Tour

Oakmont students love Harry Styles’ most recent performance


Ella Pock

Harry Styles shining on stage whilst engaging with fans in the pit.

Sophia Earnest, Ella Pock, Jocelyn Leicester, and Casandra Lawson

Sophia Earnest, Features Editor

On Nov. 10, many Oakmont Students rushed to Golden One Center in Sacramento in anticipation to see the show, Love On Tour. 

Love on Tour is Harry Styles, English singer-songwriter and former One Directioner, second independent tour supporting his second studio album “Fine Line” which was released in December of 2019. 

The tour first began on Sept. 4, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada after much rescheduling due to the Covid-19 pandemic that had taken the world by storm. Since then, Styles has gone on to perform 33 times across the nation. 

His most recent performance took place on Nov. 10, 2021 at the home of the Sacramento Kings, with many Oakmont students seen in attendance. 

Although many students were present at the concert, everyone had very unique experiences of the events.

“I found out I was going to the concert in November 2019 and I was so excited,” junior Jocelyn Leicester said. “Especially because I got to surprise my best friend Emma with the tickets for Christmas.”

The tour was initially scheduled to take place across the world in 2020, yet due to Covid-19 the US leg was rescheduled for late 2021.

Although Leicester waited in anticipation of the concert for months, other students attended as a sort of last minute plan.  

“I started looking for pit tickets in September of this year,” senior Ella Pock said. “I found two girls selling two tickets on Twitter in October.”

Pock scrambled at the last minute to find an opportunity to attend, doing and spending whatever was necessary, even camping out the night before the concert. 

“My friend and I left my house at two am for the pit line where there were already 50 people in front of us,” Pock said. “We brought sleeping bags and stuff to camp out, we even became friends with the girls next to us.”

Although some may view this as insanity, Pock does not regret this decision whatsoever.

“At 8 am, we got our wristbands,” Pock said. “I got number 50, which was awesome because that meant I would be in the front.”

Following Pock getting her wristband, she went home for some rest and relaxation before returning to the venue at 2 pm, where she would later be actually let inside and led to the pit at 6 pm, two hours before the show. 

In comparison to Pock’s more extravagant journey before the show, most other students were much more mellow. 

“My friend and I got ready at the hotel we were staying at that night,” Leicester said. “Out of the entire crowd entering, we were the third ones to enter the building and the second ones in line for merch.  Our seats were in the front row.”

Styles’ opening act to the tour, Jenny Lewis, 45-year-old American alternative rock singer-songwriter, came on stage at 8 pm. 

Lewis’s performance felt very Fleetwood-Mac-esque, entertaining the crowd for an hour with her sassy dance moves and sparkling jumpsuit, being the perfect opener for Styles. 

Styles finally came on stage at 9 pm and the crowd went wild. 

“The overall vibe was mesmerizing,” Leicester said. “Harry was thriving and having the best time on stage.  The way he sang and interacted with the crowd was immaculate.”

With a 90 minute performance, Styles was able to create an energetic, yet safe place for all of his beloved fans. 

A major factor going into Love On Tour, and Styles’ persona in general, is wanting everybody to be who they want to be, creating a secure environment for everyone in attendance to be themselves. 

Songs such as “Lights Up” and “Treat People With Kindness” reflected this idea. 

With the ending lyric of “Lights Up” being Styles singing “Do you know who you are?” He is questioning the world here if they know who they are or to see if they are who they want to be. 

“Treat People With Kindness” heavily resonated with a large percentage of his fan base that are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community as Styles sings about being kind to everyone, proceeding to run around stage during the bridge waving a pride flag. 

Another major factor going into Love On Tour is the fashion.

Styles is seen as a prominent figure in the fashion world in some aspects, being known for his big pants, more feminine blouses, an abundance of gold and silver jewelry, and his iconic string of pearls. 

Many Oakmont students in attendance, and other fans in general, were seen sporting this style in big bright patterned pants and sparkly tops. 

This fashion, paired with Styles’ message of treating people with kindness and being accepted was reflected everywhere around the venue. 

“Everybody was just so nice, complementing each other,” Pock said. “We would just be walking by and people would just stop others to say ‘I love your outfit’.”

Overall, the entire concert was a revitalizing experience for many, not just for the music aspect but the social one as well. 

“10 out of 10 experience,” Pock said. “I would definitely go again if I have enough time and money.”