The Killer Clowns are Back in 2021

The scary clowns that caused chaos throughout the world are back in 2021.

The Killer Clowns are Back in 2021

Leah Maupin, Staff Writer

The killer clown trend is where adults dress up as clowns with the intention of terrorizing people. This trend has begun to rise in popularity again as multiple accounts have stated they have spotted them.

Back in 2016, killer clowns may have stalked your area during the Halloween season, videos of people being chased and watched by them spreading like wildfire on social media.

These clowns were mostly seen near forests and schools. The first ever sighting of them was all the way in Wisconsin. It later turned out to be a movie stunt, but people were inspired by the “killer clowns” and decided to make the idea come to life. 

Every state in the United States was affected, and since then, incidents started to become more common. Neighborhoods set up “clown hunts” and would run around schools and forests trying to catch the clowns in the act. Even stores like Target and Walmart pulled down clown masks from their shelves to help stop the spread.

Since the beginning of this trend there has been a long gap between the last real sighting in 2017. 

Some people now laugh at the “2016 clown attacks,” and every Halloween since then has been clown free. However, each year as it eases into the Halloween season the question is brought up: will they make an appearance this year?

As of Oct. 2, clowns started to creep around schools in Singapore asking children to follow them into the woods. If the children refuse, they would offer a sum of money to get them to follow them. The children would then reappear near the woods. No signs of the clowns hurting them at all. Parents are still worried for their childrens’ safety and some have even started to keep children home from school. 

A little later in the month, someone took a video of a clown eerily looking at a bus stop in Asia near an elementary school. As more and more days pass by, more parents have seen the same clown at the same bus spot. Some even claim there were three more in one night. People around the world have begun to freak out, saying maybe the clowns had come to finish what they started in 2016 and terrorize more innocent people. 

Thankfully, the sightings this year aren’t as intense as the sightings in 2016, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they are still here this year and no one knows what may happen next.