November Netflix Releases

Netflix brings new seasons and movies in the month of November keeping their audience intrigued.

Desiree Montano, Staff Writer

In the month of November, Netflix is releasing new seasons, TV shows, and movies. Some of these are only available in the U.S.  

Shows coming to Netflix the month of November include “Bella and the Bulldogs” season 1 and 2, “Big Mouth” season 5, “Tiger King” season 2, and more. 

“Bella and the Bulldogs” is a Nickelodeon TV series released in 2015. Brec Bassinger (Bella) is a student who doesn’t want to be a part of the schools’ football/cheerleader stereotype. Bella was a head cheerleader who joined the football team, dealing with discouragement from the team and fellow students. 

The first season of “Big Mouth” has been on Netflix since Sep. 29, 2017. The fifth season is being released on Nov. 5. “Big Mouth” is an animated sitcom about going through puberty and the struggles of growing up and being in a teenager.

A documentary series, “Tiger King,” is coming out with a new season, continuing the story of Joe Exotic and his big cats. The first season was chaotic with the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin rivarly, murder accusations, and bankruptcy. This new season will continue to be filled with chaos, starting off with Joe Exotic being incarcerated. 

Along with new seasons and shows, Netflix also put out old movies including “21 Jump Street,
“The Addams Family Values,” and new film “Jonas Brothers Family Roast 2021.”  

“21 Jump Street” is a comedy action movie starring Channing Tatum (Jenko) and Jonah Hill (Schmidt), entering a Jump Street unit and going undercover disguised as high school students to stop a drug ring. They realize high school is not how it used to be only a couple years ago, when they were true high schoolers. 

The 1993 comedic fantasy film, “The Addams Family Values,”  is a sequel to the original “Addams Family.” The plot centers around the arrival of a baby boy that the two children aren’t too happy about. They attempt to get rid of him. This movie continues the Halloween spirit and makes this spooky season last longer.    

The pop rock band formed in 2005, Jonas Brothers, is coming out with a “Jonas Brothers Family Roast 2021,” that will include sketches, songs and games. Some special guests will include artists Niall Horan and John Legend, comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Pete Davidson, and host Kenan Thompson. 

Netflix releases shows and movies that will give you a good laugh. Over 100 shows and movies will be released throughout the month.