Swimming Her Way to the Top

Erin Hyman decided to take swimming lessons and never knew it would change her life


Jenny Wilcox

Erin Hyman competing in a huge swimming competition.

Alexis Medina, Staff Writer

Oakmont sophomore Erin Hyman’s interests completely changed when she took her first swimming lesson. 

The mini heart attack most people feel before a race, competition, or tournament, but being able to conquer it all, is what keeps Hyman in love with swimming. 

“I was doing swimming lessons and I loved the adrenaline before a race and decided to join the swim team,” Hyman said. 

Hyman’s safety comes first, therefore she believes the most important skill she learned from her swimming instructor was how to float on the water. 

“Learning how to float is important so swimmers don’t drown and are able to do a backstroke,” Hyman said.

Although Hyman is utterly confident in herself, she could not have made it this far into swimming without the love and support of her parents and family members. 

“My parents are what keep me motivated,” Hyman said. “They are always there hyping me up saying ‘you got this.’” 

Even with all the support from family members and the love for the sport itself, skill does not come easily. With every sport comes hardship, and for Hyman, it is completing 500’s. 

“It’s 20 laps but sprinting and non-stop,” Hyman said. “Doing drills is also really hard but nothing tops 500’s.” 

Hyman continues to love swimming as a sport, and plans to continue swimming after high school and pursue it as her future career. 

“The Olympics seems far out of reach for me but pursuing swimming as a future career seems ideal because I would love what I’m doing with my life,” Hyman said.

Hyman’s future seems set on her love for swimming and she will continue to persevere through it all to reach her goals.