MLB and MiLB Housing Crisis

A solution to a well known problem

Rodolfo Gomez, Staff Writer

For a long time, there has been a problem with the MLB Minor League system. Many players’ salaries are very little, and they have a tough time finding housing and support.

Housing is part of the majority of Minor League teams’ tight budgets, but now, the MLB has decided that they will provide housing to all minor league players.

This is an incredible announcement for minor league players, which MLB owners decided to vote on to provide for the players and help them afford housing.

But all of these efforts would have not been possible without the tireless work of the Activists Minor League, led by executive director Harry Marino.

“A historic victory for Minor League Baseball players,” Marino said. “Addressing [this] issue became our top priority.”

The year before, the MLB provided a raise in salary to minor leaguers, but it wasn’t enough. However, by further modernizing the Minor League system, players can more easily achieve their goals to play in the Major Leagues.

All of these changes would start when the next Minor League season begins in April, 2022. 

To conclude, this is an excellent change to the MLB association, and their players continue to get better, helped by the effort to provide support to their players.