Living with Brothers: A Day in the Life of Calli Swenson

Looking into the crowded life of Calli Swenson


Calli Swenson

Calli Swenson with her brothers, Luke, Ben and Matthew (oldest to youngest)

Leah Maupin, Staff Writer

Calli Swenson, a freshman at Oakmont High School explains how she lives and deals with having three younger brothers.

“It’s always crowded in my house and my parents are always running around trying to drive all of us to sport practices, or after school activities,” Swenson said.

Swenson is currently stuck in the middle of the mess of having younger brothers, often finding herself wishing she has a sister.

“I wish I had a sister to relate to and talk to,” Swenson said. “My brothers are hard to talk to about things, and I wish I could do girly things that I like with a sister” 

Boys and girls don’t have much to relate to, and Swenson is in a position where she can feel left out of her family. Her brothers can all talk and play with each other but Swenson feels like she doesn’t fit in with them.

But of course, even if she can’t relate to them, brothers can be an amazing support system for Swenson.

“Whenever I’m sad, my brothers are always there to cheer me up or say something stupid that makes me laugh and I always end up loving having them around,” Swenson said.

Having brothers can be tough in Swenson’s life but she’ll always love them no matter the circumstances. Even if she wants a sister, she’ll never take her brothers for granted and loves her crazy lifestyle.

“They’re really crazy and really annoying, but I love them and there’s nothing that can replace them,” Swenson said.