On Pointe With Kate Schwartz

Looking into the life of a ballet dancer


Tony Nguyen

Schwartz in her full costume, and in a second arabesque

Alisi Tuatonga, Staff Writer

When we think of the word “dance” we might think of jazz, contemporary, or even hip-hop. But for Oakmont sophomore Kate Schwartz, ballet comes to mind. Ballet has been and continues to be significant in her life. 

“I really enjoy it, and my life revolves around it,” Schwartz said. 

Since a young age, Schwartz has admired the performance and art of the dance world. 

Schwartz relives particular memories going back to when she would see her favorite ballet play as a child. Now, Schwartz performs that same play every year, and has a special tie to it. It not only brings back memories, but shows how far Schwartz’s dancing has come.

“The Nutcracker, I’ve been watching it since I was a little kid and now I perform it every year,” Schwartz said. “So it means a lot to me.”

As a ballet dancer, Schwartz understands the work ethic and commitment behind the elegant performance on stage. 

Knowing the style of ballet, she admits that it is a lot of work, and that everything has to be precise. 

“Everything’s so specific,” Schwartz said. “One hand movement can throw off an entire piece you could be performing, so it’s a lot of perfection.”

However, despite the workload, Schwartz still enjoys ballet, and continues to do it. It’s a way for her to express a story through grace, motions, and movements without words.

“I enjoy ballet because of its artistic value and performing it to people to tell a story or show emotion,” Schwartz said. 

Whether it’s the pretty costumes, music, or on-stage performances, Schwartz feels good when she dances, and sometimes that’s all that matters in the moment. 

“I really enjoy it so it makes me feel good about myself,” Schwartz said.