History Channel’s “Alone” Season 8 Review

Honest thoughts on the newest season of the hit survival show.

David Yatsina, Staff Writer

“Alone” on the History Channel is one of the most punishing reality series television shows. Every season, wilderness specialists compete to survive in different harsh environments. The candidates were challenged to survive the ever-present bears surrounding British Columbia’s Chilko Lake in the eighth season, which was released on June 3, 2021.

This season proved to be one of the show’s most daring and deadly seasons. Each participant camped in solitude with only ten items they chose to have, as well as photography gear, bear spray, and an emergency GPS/radio for tapping out. Every week, contestants had to pass a medical examination and a fast interview to show that they were healthy enough to continue. “Alone”  fans from all over the world have seen ten survivalists cope with adversity for seven seasons. Several contestants have dropped out in remote parts of British Columbia.

Season 8 returns to its roots, with the contestants being dropped off near Chilko Lake in British Columbia. The conditions were tumultuous near the lake with a lot of snow during the end of the season. Temperatures in the area dropped to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Throughout the season, players were pitted against wild grizzly bears, coyotes, and mountain lions in a variety of settings. Rose Anna had grilles stalking her late at night. Clay  confronted a grizzly in person. The adventure did not stop there. Within the first several days, Clay was stalked by a mountain lion. 

This season was not just the most perilous because of predators, but because of the lack of large prey for the contestants to eat. Clay was the only one who could take down a big game animal deer this season, contributing to his victory. Others had to rely on the scarce amount of natural edibles and fish, but not everyone had access to a suitable fishing spot.

As a result of these factors, many candidates  left the show over health issues. Tim had suffered a heart problem because of this and was the first man to tap out.

Furthermore, the weather conditions near the end of the season were quite cold. These conditions made us viewers  get to witness how the contestants’ shelters stand up to harsh conditions. This is important because the viewer watches the progress of their shelter throughout the season.

The end was packed with tremendous action and garnered the show’s best ratings. Everyone enjoys betting on a winner, and as the show progressed, most viewers transferred their wagers to other contenders. This was one of the most action-packed seasons yet. 

However, in most people’s perspective, it is not the best season because of the bad weather and the absence of game and wild edibles. The threat of predators made the show feel like a death trap for the participants. Those watching at home can only imagine how physically and mentally exhausting it was for the contestants. 

Leaving social life for months at a time to be alone is incredibly difficult, and I applaud all of the contestants on this season alone. Because of the pandemic, this show is a good refresher from seeing the same things over and over due to the delay on most television shows, and I highly recommend it to all survival enthusiasts.