Tuning Into Tannistha Mondal

Talking with the creator of the “blahblahandblah” podcast


Tannistha Mondal

Mondal informs that her podcast, blahblahandblah, can be found on Spotify

Alisi Tuatonga, Staff Writer

It’s not everyday you come across an Oakmont student who has their own podcast. But for freshman Tannistha Mondal, her podcast is just another one of her hobbies, and she’s willing to talk all about it. 

“It’s just for fun, just to practice talking,” Mondal said. 

In 2019, Mondal released her own podcast on Spotify. Mondal recalls that though the origin story is complicated, it all started after an event that made Mondal realize that life’s important, and that she should do everything she can. 

Whilst trying new things, Mondal’s love for podcasts sparked the idea of creating her own. 

“One of things I wanted to do was podcasting because I listened to a whole lot of podcasts,” Mondal said. “So I just decided to make it.”

After getting used to the style of podcasts, Mondal’s podcast gradually turned into episodes with lively friend interviews, life updates, and informational opinions.

Her variety and range of topics makes her podcast relatable to everyone. 

“It was about anything, and I started bringing in friends and we just talked about them,” Mondal said. “Then the latest episode was something informational.”

Podcasts are about educating people, conveying messages, but also about entertaining the audience. 

Listening to podcasts frequently, Mondal has learned tips and lessons that she tries to incorporate into her podcast to make it better.

“But another thing is to just be you, because nobody wants the person who’s very strict and reads the lines,” Mondal said.

Having no time in her personal life, along with difficulty of coming up with ideas, it would be easy to stop her podcast. Nevertheless, Mondal says that with motivation and support, she will move forward with her podcast.

“It’s hard to come up with ideas and be consistent,” Mondal said. “But if you have that motivation for a really long time that’s fine.”