Especially Bright Friday Night Lights

Oakmont football hosts eventful Homecoming Game

Anirudh Mepperla and Remi Royer

On Friday, Oct. 15, the Oakmont football team hosted Nevada Union in the first Homecoming Game since 2019.

The Oakmont football team had a joyful experience, coming out onto the field to play their Homecoming Game.

“Coming into the Homecoming Game, we had two motorcycles hyping this up, then we had all the cheerleaders down on the track, [we had] a good time,” senior  Jack Morrow said.

The game, however, was exciting enough on its own. Oakmont raced out to a 14-7 lead by the middle of the second quarter, but Nevada Union climbed back into the game, beginning with a touchdown just before the halftime buzzer. By the end of the fourth, Oakmont was down 28-21 with a final drive and an opportunity to tie the game and send it to overtime. 

And they did—or at least, they thought they did, as a long touchdown pass from quarterback Danny Myles to wide receiver Tristan Ogles was called back for a holding penalty with seconds left in the game. As a result, Oakmont fell 28-21.

Oakmont coach Tim Moore still felt good about the way his team played.

“Couldn’t be more proud,” Coach Moore said. “We put ourselves in a position to win the game. If you told me when I woke up this morning that ‘Hey, you got a shot to win the game at the end of it’ I’d take it.”  

Even though Ogles’ touchdown catch was called back with a hold, he was still happy with how his team performed despite all the adversity they had faced. 

“I believe we played better than them and our guys really gave it all they got, we just kept fighting,” senior Ogles said. “We had enough time on the clock to get back down to the endzone like three times and we should have scored, but some key mistakes led us to that loss.” 

While a win was obviously the goal on such a momentous occasion, for Moore, the score was less important when put into perspective. 

Five years from now, I don’t think these kids are thinking about who won or lost this game,” Moore said. “They’re going, ‘man, we got to do some special stuff in the lights’,  and the group last year: they lost that [because of COVID].”