Juju with the jumps

A deeper look into the life of Julian Naibose and who he truly deems himself to be


Joe Bains

Julian Naibose studies his next play in order to lead the Oakmont Vikings to victory.

Alexis Medina, Staff Writer

Julian Naibose is a senior varsity basketball player for Oakmont High School. He has spent his high school career improving his skills and playing with his team. However, there is much more to him than just his love of basketball. 

No one knows Naibose better than himself; however, he suffers through the judgements of others which can easily change his own opinion of himself.  

“People say I’m funny, nice and some people say I’m mean,” Naibose said. “People think I’m a mean person when I’m really not.” 

For many individuals, it is hard to identify oneself when constantly being judged by others. Naibose, on the other hand, seems to understand who he truly is and who he wants to be. 

“I would say I’m a positive person. I bring a lot of energy when I’m hanging out with my friends, we tell each other everything and they know everything about me,” Naibose said.

While Naibose may spend a majority of his time playing basketball, he also has many hidden talents and hobbies.

“I like to make music, but I don’t show it to anyone,” Naibose said. “I just like to make music for myself. It isn’t for anyone to see.” 

When thinking about his life right now, there is one thing Naibose would change, which is his grades. Naibose works hard and strives everyday to achieve his goals. 

“I want my grades to be better, so I can get into a good college for basketball,” Naibose said. “I want to play professional basketball no matter what the level.” 

Naibose has many different goals that will allow him to repay all of the selfless acts family and friends have done for him. 

“I want to have a good paying job so I can buy my parents a house,” Naibose said. “I also want to pay back my friend’s parents for everything they did for me in the last few years.” 

Naibose plans to even start his own business and begin travelling around the world experiencing different cultures. He remains focused on these goals in high school, in order to actually achieve them in the future.