MLB Postseason Madness

A season of the unexpected and unpredictable.

Rodolfo Gomez, Staff Writer

As we round up the MLB regular season, the MLB postseason bracket is almost set to go and ready for the action leading to an exciting postseason of baseball.

At the start of the season, there were many teams that were heavily favored throughout the year and others teams that surprised many fan bases.

For example, the San Francisco Giants, who many thought were not going to even make the playoffs, caught everyone off guard by having the best record in league since the start of the season, and they just kept winning.

Meanwhile, in the American League, the Red Sox, Mariners, Yankees and Blue Jays are currently fighting for a wild card spot, which makes the last week of the regular season dramatic and eventful.

On the other hand, there were many teams such as the San Diego Padres and New York Mets that were expected to make the playoffs based on the moves in the off season, but unfortunately injuries and inconsistencies got in the way. 

The matchup series overall brings lots of anticipation and excitement for fans looking to see what two teams are left for the fall classic in October, and who will be the last standing. But for every contender to make it to the fall classic, they will have to base their goals on achieving each step and continuing to move forward until winning the World Series.

Finally, each team that makes the postseason has something special and unpresented that they have to prove, which will make this postseason remarkable to watch.