Ramyah Carter Inspiring All Around Her

An artist, friend, and brilliant young woman.


Emma FIschel

Ramyah Carter smiling bright in front of the art building.

Emma Fischel, Staff Writer

Ramyah Carter, a freshman at Oakmont High School, is a hard-working artist, giving friend, and an inspiration to peers.

As a young girl, Carter always felt attracted to drawing. She spoke about the media being a source of creative inspiration. 

“I wanted to make my own art, and I got some references from all this cool stuff and people on YouTube,” Carter said.

Carter’s passion for art never subsided, and now has grown to include a love for graphic design, particularly creating digital or printed logos or posters. Her graphic design teacher, Susan Carmon, appreciates her diligence.

“She’s very careful with her work, she’s very intentional,” Carmon said. “I love it when a student actually invests time in their work and that’s something she does.”

Not only is she a strong student, she also values her friends deeply. Childhood friend Haleigh Loomis complimented her friendship with a wonderful smile. 

“I would describe Ramyah as a very great friend, very kind person, and someone who always gives good advice,” Loomis said.

Carter is driven by her own curiosity about this world, as all of the unknowns provoke her thoughts.

“I guess my motivation is just life in general, because, you know, we wake up for a reason,” Carter said.

Throughout her 14 years of life, she has learned to appreciate her mistakes as opportunities for her to learn and grow, but is remorseful of one in particular.

“My biggest one [regret] is like, just taking time for granted,” Carter said.

She continues to learn and grow here at Oakmont. When asked for her greatest piece of advice, she responded simply yet thoughtfully.

“Live life,” Carter said.