Stepping inside the world of the Oakmont classes

A look at what makes each of Oakmont’s classes unique

Laila Abicht, Staff Writer

Each school year, all four of Oakmont’s classes exhibit a unique set of characteristics that sets them apart from the rest. This school year, despite such trying and transformative times, is no different.

The differences between Oakmont’s classes makes each one stand out. Freshmen are new so they are still figuring out what makes them unique. Addison Turner seems to have faith in her class. 

“I think [the freshman class] has a lot of new ideas to help [with global issues],” freshman Addison Turner said.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophomores and freshmen are both going through their first actual high school experiences and figuring out the transition from middle school to high school.

“The teachers and classes are more enriching,” sophomore Cayden Barnett said of his experience on campus in comparison to virtual classes.

Unlike the underclassmen, the last time the junior class was on campus was their freshman year, and now coming back as upperclassmen, they are thoroughly enjoying it.

 “I think my favorite part is that I’m not a senior yet, but I’m no longer an underclassman,”  junior Noah Abel said.

As a tribute to the last year they were at Oakmont, seniors are keeping the traditions and cultures from their freshman year alive. One senior in particular, Derek Ivey, likes the supportive nature of Oakmont and hopes to pass this spirit down to the future classes. 

“I feel like we’re really into school spirit and everyone is all about being here and supporting Oakmont High School,” Ivey said. 

It is the seniors last year to make a difference and Ivey thinks banding together is the way to show school spirit. 

The Oakmont classes have a lot to offer and several unique things about them which is making Oakmont a better school.