Louis Tomlinson puts on “The Away From Home Festival”

Louis Tomlinson provided a free festival in London.


Charlie Lightening from Tomlinson’s Instagram

Louis Tomlinson performing at his festival at the Crystal Palace Bowl with all his fans.

Emma Fischel, Staff Writer

On Aug. 30, Louis Tomlinson hosted “The Away From Home Festival” at Crystal Bowl Palace in London, a free concert to thank his loyal fans.

Tomlinson’s career started in the huge pop band and worldwide sensation One Direction. However, after the band split, he had to make a name for himself, and he achieved that goal at the release of his debut solo album,Walls”, on Jan. 31, 2021.

He was just beginning to start his first solo world tour when COVID-19 hit, forcing Tomlinson to stop performing. However, this only fueled his longing to sing on stage, inspiring this festival.

On July 29th, Tomlinson announced the festival on his Instagram.

“Personally, playing live shows is the best part of what I do and it’s been far too long since I’ve seen you all so I wanted to put this festival on to say thank you for all your support,” Tomlison said.

Tomlinson’s dedication led to an outdoor concert with 8,500 fans and a 50 foot stage to display him as he performed. Held in South London, new and upcoming bands BILK and The Snuts opened the show, and Tomlinson finished with his performance.

Tomlinson made this concert free, allowing anyone to sign up for the chance to receive a ticket. A very lucky fan of eight years, 21-year-old Grace Heywood, reminisced gratefully about the day.

“It was such an incredible feeling getting the email that I had won free tickets,” Heywood said. “The show being free really made it possible for me to attend since I had to pay for travel and a place to stay in London.”

The concert was a true gift to loyal fans.

“I’m so grateful I was able to go and see the show live, as [Tomlinson]  has meant so much to me for so many years,” Heywood said.

Not only was the festival an incredible experience for his fans, it was for Tomlinson too. The day after the concert, August 31, he sent out a message on Twitter for all his fans to read.

“Last night felt incredible, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that feeling,” Tomlinson said. “Your support means everything, thank you!”

Overall it was an incredible achievement for Tomlinson, and fans across the globe will remember this day with a smile as they wait anxiously for more of his new projects.

“I believe I will cherish that moment forever,” Heywood said.