Covering all of “It Ends With Us”

A book review on one of Colleen Hoover’s popular releases

Emma Price, Features Editor, Social Media Director

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover easily lives up to its number one ranked spot out of all her releases to date. This book follows the love interests and all of the trials and tribulations which come to the surface of the main character, Lily’s, life. 

From the very beginning, this novel allows for the reader to become intrigued not only by the circumstances which Lily is in, but also the mystery man she comes into contact with. As time progresses, Hoover begins to create a romance between the two, while introducing one of Lily’s past love interests, making it more complicated. 

Not only do these new and old romances become heavily challenged, but all occur while Lily is opening a business and going through big personal growth. This follows Lily’s journey through figuring her way through new domestic abuse, balancing her successful business, and finally being with who she feels was the one for her all along. 

This fictional story was both romantic and tragic while allowing readers to realize that relationships people have may be remarkably different from what they present to the world, as well as how breaking the chain of abuse while following your heart can end with extreme happiness. 

If someone is drawn to novels filled with challenges, success, and romance, this would be a perfect fit, however, this book is definitely for those who have a more mature mindset. Not only does this book cross off every topic of a spicy romance novel, Hoover tells the story in a way that captivates and keeps the reader intrigued to find out what is next.

Overall, “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is the perfect book for someone who wants an easy read full of surprises and feel as though they too are hearing of this journey from Lily, the main character, herself. From beginning to end, this book is without a doubt a page turner and portrays every emotion and event taking place to its full potential.