Oakmont Girls’ Water Polo Team Wins Victory Over Roseville Tigers

The Vikings blew Roseville out of the water in Wednesday’s water polo match.


Ryan Collins

Oakmont’s fierce water polo players battling it out in the pool.

Teagan Fair, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, the Oakmont girls water polo team faced the Roseville Tigers and won, 14-9.

The coach blew his whistle and two equally determined teams were off to the center of the pool. As the first Oakmont player made contact with the ball, collaborative and strategic shouts pierced the afternoon air, and the ball made its way across the pool. Soon, still early in the game, Oakmont had the lead, four to zero.

The team felt very proud of their success on Wednesday and reflected on their recent collaborative improvements.

“I think we had particularly good collaboration and teamwork on our side,” Ksenia Kuzo, a Varsity water polo player said. “Our players seemed more experienced too; practice makes perfect.” 

Water polo is a sport that requires a substantial amount of teamwork and collaboration. In order to score goals, one must put a large amount of trust in their teammates as they throw, receive and shoot the ball. Team strategy is also a crucial aspect of the game. 

Water polo is a sport that is just as competitive and team-oriented as any other, yet it seems severely underrated.

“Not a lot of people are interested in pool sports or have much experience in pools. The equipment for water polo is also pretty expensive.” Kuzo said. “We could have a lot more recruitment and awareness for it.”

The next girls’ water polo games are on Tuesday, September 7th against Ponderosa and September 8th against Casa Robles.