Benefits of lifeguarding as a summer job


Megan Hales, Staff Writer

There are many different jobs that students take to earn money, and many decide to work during the summer because they are not busy with school. 

The most reliable way to keep a job for only the summer to get a seasonal summer job, and when it comes to summer jobs, many people will immediately think of a lifeguard.

But is working as a lifeguard worth it? 

In order to get hired, there are a few requirements that students will need. They must be CPR/AED and first aid certified to apply, and at least 15 years old. 

These certifications can be gained through taking classes through the Red Cross and American Lifeguard Association at places such as community pools, aquatic centers, and schools. 

“I took a class that was two weekends long through the Red Cross at Antelope High School,” sophomore Presley Wilcox said. “They were very educational and I enjoyed the hands-on practice we got to do”. 

This summer will be the first time Wilcox lifeguards. She believes that the training was a perfect introduction to lifeguarding and she would recommend the program to other students. 

Once certified, people can apply for anywhere that lifeguards are needed. Jobs can be easy to find as places often aren’t fully staffed by the beginning of summer, like Sunrise aquatic center,

 which currently needs around 10 more lifeguards. 

Varying depending on the facility, lifeguards can traditionally make good money- around $14-$16 an hour. 

“Working as a lifeguard gives you many opportunities, socially and in the work environment” junior Sarah McHugh said. “I have created some of the best friends while getting to do hands-on work at the same time”.

McHugh has been a lifeguard at Sunsplash for two years and, like Wilcox, encourages other people to work as one as she loves her job.  

Some may shy away from these jobs as they require extra certifications, but the great community, treatment, and real-life work occurrences make many believe lifeguarding is a great option for a summer job.