Why are Gacha games still popular?

A look at this genre of video games and how it has kept players around despite it’s most stressful feature.


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An example as to what the Gacha mechanic might look like in a game. This one is similar to a gumball machine.

Adrian Llorin, Staff Writer

Gacha games: video games that implement the gacha mechanic. The gacha mechanic has players use in-game currency to receive a random virtual item.

Similar to loot boxes in other video games, the gacha mechanic also allows for in-game purchases of virtual currency using real money for the players as an incentive to try and get the “focus” items or people in a summoning banner, mainly in mobile games. 

“It’s fun but also addicting. I get why people would see it negatively, but with all things, you got to keep things in moderation, and as long as you’re having fun, then do it.” senior Kristina Calugay said.

As mentioned above, there are some features that, like other video games, have their fair share of controversy, and probably the most debated topic of gacha games is the amount of luck that a player relies on when summoning for an item.

“The gacha mechanism in my opinion is a mix of joy and dissatisfaction. The reason being sometimes you can work hard to get a roll and not get anything in the end or vice versa, you work hard to get the thing you wanted to roll.” junior Ryan Fernandez said.

The gacha mechanism relies on a lot of the random number generation (RNG) factor. The RNG factor has select numbers that give players rare or special items, and depending on the summoning banner, maybe even the focus of the banner, but it will come down to luck for the players to receive those items.

“I don’t like it at all. There’s no guarantee that the time I spend for a chance to obtain a character will actually result in me getting that character. It’s frustrating and honestly feels like getting scammed almost, especially when you pay money.” senior Lance Dimapilis said. 

Even the gacha community as a whole is a bit split on how they really feel about the mechanic due to the summon rates and if they actually get who they wanted.

I believe that the community is pretty split on the gacha mechanic. On one hand, there are people who are lucky and get good characters/the ones they want, so they tend to love it. However, I’ve also seen people get mad because they didn’t get the character or weapon they wanted, even if the one they did get was really good.” sophomore Lila Calderon said

Nonetheless, gacha games have remained popular with a lot of new releases, and a lot of people still find it fun, whether that be leveling up characters, playing through the story, actually getting characters they want, or if it’s multiplayer, playing with friends.