Upcoming NFL Season

Predictions for the 2021-22 Season


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Cory Snyder, Staff Writer

This upcoming NFL season should be one for the record books.

With Brady coming off a Super Bowl win and Patrick Mahomes looking for revenge, a Super Bowl rematch seems more than likely. But with the NFL, you never know. 

After trades for Matthew Stafford and Caron Wentz, the Rams and Colts should be in prime contention for a deep playoff run as well.

The Cowboys look to have a bounce back year, which seems to be what everyone says each year. It’s hard to gauge what is truly wrong with that team, between the front office staff and now the contract situation between their quarterback Dan Prescott and their owner Jerry Jones; it should be another interesting year for them.

One team many have forgotten about is the 49ers, who suffered an injury ridden season last year, and look to bounce back into their Super Bowl form from 2020. 

Joe Burrow looks to rehab completely from a torn ACL and hopes to get a halfway decent offensive line, so he can truly show why he went #1 in last year’s draft.

New rookies such as Trevor Lawerence and Justin Fields look to make an immediate impact no matter what team drafts them, especially after their legendary college careers. 

With the coronavirus still possibly being a factor again for this next season, the unknown is more prominent than ever before. Injuries, positive tests, and family issues all factor in to possibly change a team’s season for better or worse. 

Looking forward to an upcoming season involves a lot of talking between analysts and predictions, but at the end of the day they all go out of the window once the season starts.

So with that, I predict another Super Bowl win for Brady, bringing him to his 8th championship. As much as many hate to see him win, there’s no denying his absolute greatness and I think he’ll go out on top yet again.