Preventing Senioritis

During these crazy times it is easy to succumb to procrastinating urges, but there are ways to combat it!


Emmery Schuetz

The definition of Senioritis. Does this apply to any of you Seniors?

Emmery Schuetz, Staff Writer

Even though there’s arguments on whether Senioritis is a real illness or not, the fact remains, many seniors feel very unmotivated right now. They’ve been in the school system for 12+ years and they are ready for some independence. Also by being put in the middle of a global pandemic, the effects are only worsening. So, how do you prevent the effects of Senioritis in these last couple months? Here’s some tips:

  1. Have some Me-Time and Do Things you Want to Do

This is a time to be selfish. You have lived through all these years of school but because of COVID-19, you still do not get all the fun experiences that can come out of senior year. Instead, contribute a good chunk of your day to self care and doing things that you enjoy; little things like watching a good show or playing a fun game can help the harder parts of senior year become easier.

     2. Keep Organized and Set Objectives

Organization can help remind you of all the tasks that you need to accomplish in the next few months. By actually writing down the things you need to do, your almost never ending list seems to shrink and become manageable. Try and find out what is most important or urgent and complete those first, and remind yourself that once you are done with these tasks you get more time to yourself!

     3. Remind Yourself of Your Future and Your Goals

Since you are close to being done with your senior year, you have to remember that the end is near. College and all the experiences it brings can be super exciting and distract you from your work, but you have to push through and know that what you are doing now can help you achieve those goals later on. Even if you do not know what you are doing yet, remind yourself about how fun this new chapter in your life can be.

    4. Stay Healthy

During these times indoors, health can be a second thought, but keeping yourself healthy can actually help many things become easier. Eating healthily and getting good sleep will allow your brain to work better, and thus school can get easier. Additionally, staying active can release dopamine which can help keep you happy and keep you heading towards your goals. 

    5. Set a Visual Timeline

Create some sort of countdown like you used to do when you were little, by creating a timeline that allows you to see how many days you have left, time seems to shrink. When you realize there is only so many weeks left those weeks seem more reasonable..


These are definitely trialing times but you have to keep pushing. Keep these tips in mind and finish strong, Seniors!