Counselor’s Week!

Some insight about Oakmont’s wonderful counselors


OHS Counselors

OHS counselors pictured left to right: Lorri Perkins, Bethany Olander, Albert Lee, Lisa Prasad, Gina Coiner-Lacoste

Marika Alexander, Staff Writer

Most of the time at Oakmont, our counselors know a lot about the students, but in return, the students don’t really know a lot about them. The counselors on campus are amazing people who love to help students.

“I value education, and I wanted the opportunity to help students navigate the high school experience, grow in their knowledge and skills and make a plan for what they want to do in the future,” counselor Bethany Olander said. 

Getting to know and help students is a similar goal that many of Oakmont’s counselors share. Watching their students grow as people as they walk on the paths towards their futures is something they all enjoy watching.

“I think that getting to know a student and being able to help them, rather it be social [or] emotional issues that they are able to overcome or accept, or helping to navigate high school academics and meeting their post high school goals,” counselor Lorri Perkins said. “I have learned that I cannot solve many of the problems that students have, but I can be here to support them and give them a safe place if they need it.”

Like many students, distance learning has been hard on the counselors. Not being able to give students the one on one counseling experience has been a challenge but they are doing their best to make sure students succeed.

“It’s so different communicating with students over the phone or by email. It’s definitely been harder to form solid connections, but at the same time the successes feel the same,” counselor Albert Lee said. “Like last Spring during the first Covid lockdown, I remember working with seniors and talking to them weekly to make sure they stayed on track to graduate, and they all did!”

Just like many of the students, the counselors also face many struggles of their own. 

“I cannot fix everything and that there are many issues I cannot solve. I cannot fix a family/home issue, but I offer support and hope that things can get better,” said Perkins. “I try to instill confidence and the importance of having a plan….rather it be college, trade school,  job skills etc. Some students probably are not aware that I care deeply for them.”

Many students are unaware about how hard the counselors on campus work to make sure that they succeed. They care deeply about every student’s future and will do everything they can to help their students.

“As a school counselor, one of my core beliefs is that ALL students deserve a comprehensive school counseling program that supports them in their academic, social/emotional and college and career development,” Olander said. “We are working hard to build a program here at Oakmont that meets those needs for all students, and I feel lucky to be part of such an amazing team.”