Paul Vs Mayweather

YouTube boxing is back


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Boxer Floyd Mayweather pictured at a Dewalt event in 2011.

Mario Ballejos, Staff Writer

The YouTube boxing craze is still hot and tickets are selling fast to some big name fights. The newest fight coming up is YouTuber Logan Paul against Floyd Mayweather. 

Paul first showed up on Mayweather’s virtual meet and greet and instantly started to trash talk the former champion. Mayweather told Logan he would fight a real fighter, but claimed Logan was not. The conversation got heated pretty quickly and eventually ended up with Mayweather ending the call on Logan.

For a while there was no talk of anything with the two and things have kind of settled down. Then the YouTube star started making fun of the boxer saying how he couldn’t spell his own name and had to spell it out for him. Mayweather had been quiet about the whole ordeal until Logan Paul got a contract to fight Mayweather. 

Then Mayweather posted on his Instagram an official fight date for February 20, 2021. These stars are finally going to see some action, but only have two months to prepare.

This fight is already super big and tickets are for sale for $25 and will increase as the fight date gets closer. As of right now, it is looking good for Mayweather, as Logan Paul has an estimated win percentage of lower than 5%. 

Only time will tell how this fight will go because everyone knows it only takes one punch to knock someone out.