Kaitlyn’s School of Thought: Goodbyes always come too soon

An open letter to Norse Notes


Kaitlyn Edwards

In her weekly column, Kaitlyn’s School of Thought, Norse Notes’ Kaitlyn Edwards shares her opinions surrounding all topics about being a high school student and academic issues.

Kaitlyn Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

To the publication that I will always remember,

When I chose my freshman year classes, I never thought that when I chose journalism as one of my classes, I would come out of it with a family. From being the quietest girl in the class that simply loved writing about sports to becoming one of the editors-in-chief, journalism has made me grow into a better person in so many ways.

I’ve cried from frustration, laughter, happiness, sadness, and every emotion in between from my time as a Norse Notes staff member. No matter what, I always knew I had a family with Norse Notes. And now, two and a half years after my first day in Room 306, I’m saying goodbye to my favorite people.

When I started journalism, I was so shy that I hated talking to other people, and I had such a hard time interviewing others. Through mentorship and guidance from so many people, I have become the girl who taught others how to get good interviews through mentorship I gave and lessons that I led by myself. 

I was able to learn so much about myself over the course of the past two and a half years, but more importantly, I got to learn much more about my peers and my community. I loved learning the stories behind the people I saw everyday at school, and I continue to learn new things about the people I’m around so much.

When I initially made my decision to stop journalism after this semester, I cried because I was afraid of so many things. I was afraid of disappointing the rest of the staff. I was afraid of disappointing my advisor, Darby Maas. I was afraid of what would come next. I was afraid of making the wrong decision. However, I did what journalism taught me to do best—I took a risk.

Knowing whether or not my risk was the best decision didn’t come until earlier this week when I saw the sixth Best of SNO Award for Norse Notes. I felt so accomplished that Norse Notes was able to prosper so much the past few months. I realized that nothing could compare to seeing writers receive their own award for their writing. Knowing that I was part of that person’s journey, that I was part of their process, made me feel like I had finally fulfilled my goals with journalism.

Although the end is coming quickly, I have been able to reflect on how everyone has to say goodbye to the things they love eventually. Some are saying goodbye to high school by graduating early. Others are finishing the classes they have worked so hard in the past semester. And some people, like me, are saying goodbye to their chosen families that have developed in their classes.

I know that what comes next will be great, but it will be hard to beat my Norse Notes experience. Even through the struggles, my experience was perfect because it taught me how to be a leader, and really, how to be myself.

The past few months went by quickly, and I keep reminding myself that I knew this day would come. Goodbyes always come much too soon. These intense feelings will pass, but my love for Norse Notes never will.

As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I know that everything good must come to an end eventually. Goodbye to Norse Notes and to my chosen family. It has been the best two and a half years watching everyone involved grow, and becoming who I was always meant to be.