Christmas Trees: Real vs. Fake

Which is the best tree to put up during the holidays?


Courtesy of Pixabay

Real trees let people smell Christmastime smells the entire time.

Adam Davies, Staff Writer

A Christmas tree is the icon for Christmas, and as the season to be jolly is closing in, I have studied whether artificial or real trees are best for the holidays.

The artificial plastic trees have been making a comeback this past decade with about 21 million trees being sold in 2017, while real evergreens have sold a steady 27 to 33 million per year, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. This margain has only been getting closer over the years.

In my opinion, I think everybody should switch over to real pine trees, not just because of the great sap smell, but also because it helps the environment more than you might think it does. Surprisingly, cutting down trees helps the environment a lot. With every tree cut down, the farmers are able to plant one to three more seeds.  This increases the size of forests and increases the amount of carbon intake. Also, the trees can be recycled into reusable products, such as benches, tables, and other products.

The main opposition towards real trees is that the price for real trees is pretty expensive and you have to buy one every year.  This is more than true, as a fake tree can be cheaper. However, the tradition that is kept behind the sappy tree goes way back, and many families should keep the tradition by getting a real tree.

So in conclusion, the real tree is a more expensive outlook towards Christmas decorations, but every time you buy one, three more are able to be planted. It is more green to recycle. However, the fake tree is cheaper, and can be reused for many years to come.  Whatever tree you or your family decide to use, I just hope you have a great holiday season.