OHS Boiler Room Renovation

An inside look at the process.


Robert Hasty

Oakmont High School’s boiler room pictured after its renovation.

Naomi Salazar, Staff Writer

In August, the project for renovation of the boiler room started. It is still in its final stages, but it is close to being completed. Principal Robert Hasty answers a few questions regarding this process.

We do have heat and hot water at this point, but the contractors are simply putting final touches on the work they completed,” Hasty said. “ So the project was a 5-6 month long process.”

Ultimately, the renovation was definitely crucial for the remaining of this school year because of the colder weather that is beginning to settle in.  

The boilers were very old and had been repaired over the years to keep the campus warm with hot water available,” Hasty said. “We decided that it was best to complete the project during the August-November/December timeline as that is a warmer part of the school year. We did not want the heat and hot water to go out during January-March as those are generally the coldest months for us.

Choosing the right date to begin the project was extremely important due to the fact that there was only a few months of warm weather.

We found out over the summer that they were at a point where they could no longer be repaired, so acted quickly to get the project out to bid and completed,” Hasty said. “We are glad to say that the August-November window stayed warm enough that the heat and hot water were not needed.” 

Although it may not seem like it, this was a really important project for Oakmont High School, and it will benefit all students and staff as a whole.

This is great for OHS as a whole as we can be confident that with new boilers, heat and hot water will not be an issue or financial burden for many years to come,” Hasty said. “We can heat all rooms and offices and there will be hot water for showers, the kitchen, and restroom facilities.”