Everything about “Buried Beneath the Boarding House”

A review on a book written by Ryan Green


Emma Price

“Buried Beneath the Boarding House” by Ryan Green is a local true crime story based out of Sacramento, California that is great for readers who enjoy mystery and murders.

Emma Price, Staff Writer

“Buried Beneath the Boarding House” by Ryan Green is easily one of the best local true crime stories. The book tells of a woman’s life of crime and murder, leading her to continue these actions in Sacramento, California. 

Throughout this book, the author tells not only the main graphic events which take place in Dorothea Puente’s house located in Sacramento in 1988, but also her backstory. The details which are portrayed throughout Dorothea’s life could leave a chill down readers spine as it is seen that she is emotionally detached and criminally driven.

Not only does Green tell this true crime story by including both Dorothea’s upbringing and later years of life, but also never fails to include the time frame of which these actions were occurring. All her pent up secrets are finally discovered at the end of the book when the Sacramento Police Department are sent in to deeply investigate the situation. 

From the beginning to end of the story, this novel is a page turner as the crimes and murder continue throughout Dorothea’s lifetime. Green continuously adds grave details to “Sacramento’s saint,” which creates curiosity and suspense on what may take place next. 

This local true crime story was very gruesome and graphic in the actions which gradually got worse in the boarding house located on F Street. Green exposed every aspect of the crimes from the suspicion she faced all the way through her trails after she was finally caught, even if it was in a disturbing manner. Due to the continuous pages of murder, death, and criminal activity, this book may not fit anyone who prefers an uplifting read. 

For readers who are drawn towards novels based on murder and narcissists, this book would be a perfect fit to try out. Not only does the story cover a true crime story, but it may also have deeper effects on the readers who live locally in the city of Sacramento, making it an even easier book to read. 

All in all, “Buried Beneath the Boarding House” by Ryan Green is the perfect novel for someone who wants to take themselves through a locally based true crime horror. Not only is this book a page turner, but it also creates a passage for readers to feel as though they are living in it and experiencing this woman’s actions.