Getting to Know Timmothy Broz


Courtesy of Timmothy Broz

Timmothy Broz poses while holding his son Tobias.

Anirudh Mepperla, Staff Writer

Timmothy Broz is a math teacher at Oakmont and has faced many challenges that many teachers do not often go through.

He had many struggles growing up.

I had a difficult childhood,” Broz said. “I had a very financially poor family.  Lots of bad stuff I don’t want to get into.  Let’s just say that it is a statistical anomaly that I became successful. People from my background rarely find success in life because of the disadvantages that were handed to me. I had a choice to be a victim or a thriver. I chose the latter.”

Broz always had a passion to help out teenagers, and didn’t want them to struggle with the problems that he went through.

“I wanted to be a professional baseball player, but if that did not work out, I wanted to be a financial advisor,” Broz said. “I always was drawn to helping teenagers.”

He actually helped out a teenager get away from a street gang, which has allowed this former student to become more successful as a registered nurse.

However, Broz earned a variety of masters and degrees to get where he is now.

“I earned an A.A. Degree in Business Administration from Sierra College, B.S Degree in Business Administration from CSU Sacramento, an M.B.A. in Business Administration (Human Resources) from CSU Sacramento, and an M.T.S. from Golden Gate Theological Seminary,” Broz said.

Timmothy Broz is really unique compared to the other math teachers.

“I worked in business, investments, and finance for years, but was always drawn towards working and helping teenagers,” Broz said. “I love young people and want to invest in their lives to help them reach their full potential.”

Before becoming a math teacher at Oakmont, he taught previously at another high school.

“My first public school teaching position was for the 2009-2010 school year,” Broz said. “I taught at Inderkum High School for 5 years before coming to Oakmont.