Telling all about “If You Tell”

A review of one of Gregg Olsen’s newest books.


Courtesy of Goodreads

“If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen is one of the best true crime novels by far.

Emma Price, Staff Writer

If You Tell by Gregg Olsen is easily one of the most interesting and captivating true crime stories. The book not only tells of a family’s life, but also the horrors that were taking place at the home and the secrets it hid.

The novel from start to finish is odd and gives the feeling that something is not right with Shelly, the main character. As time goes on, Olsen explains the abuse and manipulation which she enforces on not only her parents and brother, but also to her husband, children, and nephew. 

Not only does Olsen tell this story as if it was happening in present time it keeps the reader on their toes, learning how truly terrible Shelley is and the unbelievable and deadly trials she places on everyone in and around her life. This continues for decades keeping these secrets until the truth is finally revealed. 

From the beginning to end, author Gregg Olsen wrote this story in such a way that the reader would not want to put it down. Twists, turns, and major detail throughout the book created suspense in which the book was never once predictable.

This true crime story was very brutal and almost horrific in the actions which took place within the little house and may not be for the faint hearted. Olsen did not hold back telling the full truth and exposing how terrible the events truly were. With the fact that this book is not only true, but also all the grave details, this book may not fit the liking of those who enjoy more upbeat stories.

If someone were to be drawn more to a story about murder, mystery, and suspense, this book would be the pefect fit. Not only does the book cover every topic of a true crime novel, but it was also written in a way which the reader feels almost a part of the story, like a witness. 

Overall, “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen is the perfect book for someone who wants to read their way through a real life horror movie full of family drama and murder. Not only is this book a page turner, but also creates a reality in which readers can travel back in time a few years and experience the strong emotions from every character.