The Artistic Life of Emma Boyle

The Impact Art has had on a student’s life


Courtesy of Emma Boyle

Emma Boyle posing with a painting she’s done for her recent exhibition.

Marika Alexander, Staff Writer

Since a very young age, senior Emma Boyle has had a deep love for the visual arts. Her passion for art has been a guiding force behind everything she has done throughout her life.

“I started art before I could even form sentences,” Boyle said. “My mom enrolled me in my first art class by the age of four and ever since then, I’ve been in love with art.”

Boyle has centered many aspects of her life through the premise of art. Her schedule circles around what type of art project she’s doing at the moment. 

“Art has definitely influenced my choices over the years,” Boyle said. “Most of [the] decisions I’ve made have been based on my painting schedule, whether it be my friends asking me to hang out or pulling all nighters to finish a painting.” 

Her love for art definitely carried over into her high school years. Boyle has taken many art classes at school that have deepened her love for art even more.

“I’ve taken Art 1 and 2 and then after I jumped to IB SL Art,” Boyle said. “I also took Ceramics 1 and 2 and next semester I’ll be in [Ceramics] 3.”

In these classes, Boyle has been able to widen her horizons to different art styles. She’s also picked up techniques from these classes that have helped her create many of her art pieces today.

“I’ve been working on my new exhibition for IB . . . the theme for the exhibition is Imagination in Isolation, which depicts how my mind created this whole new world while being quarantined at home,” Boyle said. “I’ve also been working on trying different mediums with different pieces, such as finger painting and cardboard work.”

Boyle’s passion for art has been an outlet for her to express who she is. Whether it be outside of the classroom or conducting regular activities, art always impacts Boyle wherever she goes.

“Through art, I can be messy and I sort of apply that to my day to day life,” Boyle said. “I am organized in my own way whether it be for school, room, or even my outfits and I always have paint on my clothes no matter what.”