Taco Bell’s New Menu

How is this going to affect business?


Atari, Gracinha & Marco

Taco Bell’s fiesta potatoes are golden brown potatoes, topped with sour cream, and cheese.

Lexi Nadeau, Staff Writer

As of August 13 2020, Taco Bell removed many customer favorites from their menu. This includes  Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Triple Layer Nacho, and more. 

The comments on Taco Bell’s instagram page are full of angry customers. “Potatoes, we just want potatoes. What are yall not understanding here?” said instagram user @itsjustaveryb. “Taco Bell was the only fast food I ate. The new menu is horrific! All of our favorites are gone, and I am too.” said instagram user @fancywags. 

Why is Taco Bell ignoring all of their customers? Why are they even changing their menu to begin with?  Well they are removing items so they have more room to put in new items to the menu, and for a faster easier fast food process for the customer.

Taco Bell’s TikTok page is getting flooded with angry c0mments as well.”Y’all better keep the Mexican Pizza or we are going to have problems.” said TikTok user @kalimbaplays. 

Despite how angry everyone is, they are planning on removing even more favorites from their menu including the Mexican Pizza, all shredded chicken items, and more starting November 5. But again, why?  The packaging used for the items removed on November 5,  are responsible for over 7 million pounds of paper waste. 

“I’m going to discontinue eating your food if you keep discontinuing my favorite things there” said tiktok user @josi_yay.

Business is expected to go downhill for Taco Bell from these harsh decisions. They are losing many customers. If they want to be a more eco friendly company then they could replace packaging instead of replacing items, especially their vegan and vegetarian options.