Staying “Remote”

The Wallows release their newest album, “Remote.”

The cover of the Wallows newest album released on October 23, “Remote.”


The cover of the Wallows newest album released on October 23, “Remote.”

Sophia Earnest, Staff Writer

The Wallows bring some light in this unprecedented time with the release of their newest album, “Remote”.

The Wallows, a popular alternative rock band, first formed in April 2017 with the release of their hit song “Pleaser.” The trio consists of Braden Lemasters on guitar and vocals, Cole Preston on guitar and drums, and Dylan Minnette on guitar and vocals. 

A year after forming, the band released their first album, “Spring,” with some of their more popular songs including “These Days” and “Pictures of Girls.” The album set the tone for the band’s voice, full of emotion and very upbeat, drawing listeners in. 

The group has a fairly large fan base, with about nine million monthly listeners on Spotify. Additional attention is brought to the band through Minnette, who is most known for starring as Clay Jensen in Netflix’s hit show “13 Reasons Why.”  

However, the Wallows are most known for their second album released in March 2019, “Nothing Happens”. This 11 track album was very fast-paced with meaningful lyrics that anyone can jam out too. It is no surprise that this album is so popular.

“Nothing Happens” includes that band’s greatest hit, “Are You Bored Yet?” featuring Clairo. The chances of one hearing this song blasting on the radio are large, with the song hitting just over 200 million streams on Spotify. The song is about one discussing their doubts of the relationship with the significant other, being open about their emotions, which most fans could relate to. 

Regardless of their past music, the band has kept their fans on their toes, constantly craving more this past year. Within early 2020, the group released their hit single “OK,” perhaps as a way to remind the world that everything is going to be okay. What fans were most excited for though, was the group’s virtual tour.

In early August, the group announced that they would be creating a four part Virtual World Tour. The boys created unique sets for each show of their personal favorites, as well as fan favorites. Having pre-recorded sets, fans could attend the concert from the comfort and safety of their own bed for only fifteen dollars.

With all of this, the Wallows fans were beyond satisfied with their yearly dose of Wallows. The announcement on a new album was the icing on the cake.

On September 5, the band announced that their song, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” would drop on September 9. Fans just assumed a single was coming, but were happily disappointed.

When the song dropped on September 9, fans were in shock to see that a new album was to be dropped on October 23. With this prospect in mind, it only made the new single more enjoyable. 

The song “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” set the tone for the album. It had the group’s usual alternative rock upbeat vibe, but with a bit of an electrified twist. The song is similar to “Ice Cold Pool” on their previous album, “Nothing Happens,” having the same mood and a similar meaning.

“So many people and people, and people, and people, and people,” the Wallows sing. “And nobody gets me like you.”

Most fans could relate to the song with how there is just that one person that can understand them better than anybody else. They both have their own issues, and they both are always there for each other, but no one can get them the way they do. 

With this song, the album was already off to a great start in fans’ hearts. Then, they dropped “Virtual Aerobics.”

On September 30, the song was announced, and was then released on October 2. After first hearing the song, I was speechless. The song continued the electrified beat set in “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” making it the perfect song to dance around the house to. 

“Wanna dress in what makes you like me,” the Wallows sing. “I’ll probably overwear these Nikes.”

Within two minutes, the band has fans enter another reality, painting a picture of a puppy-love relationship to jam out to. The exhilarated emotion portrayed through the lyrics and beat is similar to their popular song, “Scrawny.” It is just one of those songs when you listen to it, you have to sing along.

Having “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” and “Virtual Aerobics” in their ranks, fans were drooling for more. 

Their newest album, “Remote,” officially dropped on October 23. Along with the two songs previously released, the tracklist consisted of four new songs: “Dig What You Dug,” “Coastlines”, “Talk Like That,” and “Wish Me Luck.”

The album continued the electronic tone set in the earlier singles, being quite a change of pace from the previous album, “Nothing Happens.” With the more mysterious lyrics, listeners could form their own opinions and views on the meaning behind the songs, whereas on “Nothing Happens,” the interpretation of the lyrics was more straightforward.

Having the entirety of the album written and recorded during quarantine, it was a perfect pick-me-up for the fans at home.

Personally, my favorite song would have to be the heartfelt-upbeat vibe of “Coastlines.” The song goes through the struggles of a long distance relationship, and how negative thoughts are constantly nagging them in the back of the mind. 

“Can’t you hear them knocking at our door,” the Wallows sing. “Can’t let them take us away no more.”

The door, as mentioned in the lyrics, is a metaphor for the couples relationship. “Them”  is referring to the pestering negative thoughts trying to rip the couple apart. It is the kind of song that will make you feel deep-seated emotions, have you reminisce on emotional memories, all while bopping your head along.

My overall reaction to the album: Jaw-dropped.

A 10/10 album, perfect score. Through the music and the lyrics, the group is telling stories, making you feel deep personal emotions, all while singing along and having a good time. It is the perfect track to make memories too.

“Remote” was the spirit lifting energy fans needed to keep a smile on their face during these dark times.