New Galaxy Z Flip and Flip 5G

The revival of the flip phone era


Grace R. Samson

The flip phone era is back after the release of the Galaxy Z Flip & Flip 5G.

Laurie Lencioni, Staff Writer

Just when you thought that the flip phone era was over, Samsung came out with the new Galaxy Z Flip and Flip 5G earlier this year. The Galaxy Z Flip and Flip 5G have many features that make this phone unique, the main feature being the hinge in the back, allowing the phone to fold into a smaller size. 

“Arguably the biggest benefit of a clamshell foldable phone is that, when not in use, the phone is about half as tall,” said David Imel from Android Authority. “This means it takes up less vertical space, is better protected, and can fit in smaller pockets and compartments versus conventional smartphones.”

The Galaxy Flip was released on February 14, 2020. The new 5G was released on August 7.

When opened up all the way, the phone has a 6.7 inch Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes (AMOLED) display. The AMOLED display allows for faster reaction speeds and is used in most smartphones. The screen delivers incredible color quality and reduces the blue light exposure. 

There are three color choices for the LTE: mirror black, mirror purple, and mirror gold. The 5G has only two color choices, which are mystic bronze and mystic silver. 

The hidden hinge is the most important feature for this phone. It is called a hideaway hinge and allows you to adjust  the phone to different angles. The sweeper technology keeps dirt from getting in the hinge and keeps the fold smooth. Samsung has said that there is a 200,000 fold ability in the phone. 

“Samsung calls this half-fold position Flex Mode, and it is excellent for filming vertical video too,” said Patrick Holland from CNET.

The folding technology allows for hands-free video calls and selfies. The bottom half of the phone acts like a tripod when it is folded allowing it to stand on its own. The screen of the phone is made of ultra-thin glass which allows it to fold and still stay intact. 

“One thing I noticed after three months of using it is that I physically feel the crease constantly with my fingers,” said Holland. 

After a while of using this phone, users have commented on the crease that they can constantly feel on their screen. While they can feel the crease when scrolling through certain apps, the crease can fade into the back of your mind and you’ll forget about it. 

The phone itself is very durable and after a couple of months some users barely noticed a dent or scratch on it. With that said, the exterior coating is really slippery and can slide off of surfaces quite easily. This can be solved by the use of a case, but if you prefer the no case look, make sure to watch out for that.