Game Review: Among Us

The new hit game Among Us has students everywhere hooked.


Innersloth Company

Among Us is one of the hottest new games for teens.

Laurie Lencioni, Staff Writer

Among Us is an online digital murder mystery game in which ten players try to determine which of them are the imposters on a space ship, which can hold one to three imposters. You must discuss and try to weed out who the imposters are while they go around killing others and sabotaging the ship. 

The crewmates, those who aren’t imposters, go around trying to complete tasks while finding out who the imposters are. The game ends by either finding all the imposters, every crewmate dying, or having every crewmate complete the tasks they were given. 

In the game, everyone gets a different color that helps quickly identify who was where and doing what. You are also able to personalize it with different colors, hats, and pets. 

Some features that I really like include the ability to censor the chat and being able to carry on with your tasks even after you die. Since this is a game designed for people nine years old and older, the ability to censor the chat is useful for those younger players. Being able to still play and participate even though you are dead is an amazing feature which makes it so you don’t have to always quit and find a new game after being killed.

Other features include the three different maps and the ability to play either with a select group because of the private game ability, using different codes for each game, or playing online with random people, which can be just as fun. 

Players have also started to make different sub-games when playing with friends. Some of these games include playing hide and seek, and games where they challenge themselves with changing their names to a color name that is different from their body color. 

To play hide and seek, you need one imposter who everyone knows about and crewmates who try to find hiding spots. The person who is ‘it’, the imposter, goes in search of everyone and if they find you, they kill you to show that you are now out. The challenge of changing your name to a color name that is different from your color body works like any game, but when saying who you think it is you can’t specify whether you mean the name or the body color. 

While Among Us is really fun to play, there are a few glitches that can happen. One of these glitches is that the game may kick you off random sessions by claiming that your internet is not strong enough. This happens often to users when they are playing on their phones. 

Some related games include Project Winter, Werewolf, Secret Hitler and The Resistance: Avalon. These games all pit players against each other and to find the suspect they must interrogate each other. All of these games have the same component of social deduction as Among Us does. 

My rating of this game is four out of five stars. I took a star off of the rating because of the number of times it can glitch while you are trying to play. Another reason is because of the difficulty in typing in the chat when trying to figure out who the imposters are. Besides these two issues to the game, it is still very exciting to play, and is easy to become addicted to. If you haven’t played it yet, this game is a must.