Final Fantasy XVI Trailer release

Sony announces Final Fantasy 16 is in the makings at PS5 showcase


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Final Fantasy XVI is in the works after much anticipation from fans.

Sofia Davalos, Staff Writer

The newest edition of the Final Fantasy series is finally undergoing production after five years.

The Final Fantasy series is a Japanese fantasy and science fantasy role-playing video game created by Hironobo Sakaguchi. The first game was released in 1987, since then 15 more installments have been made of the game.

On September 16, Sony showcased the new PlayStation 5 with a trailer for Final Fantasy 16, confirming its development. The showcase of  the new PS5 opened up on the game’s trailer titled “Awakening”.

The trailer runs for about 4:02 minutes and is filled with jam-pack action with little to no context. 

It opens up on a young man staring intensely into a large fire with a large tattoo stretched across his face. It quickly jumps to a large battle and shows what are thought to be the main characters.

Things shift to a young boy named Joshua who is protected by some kind of knight or warrior, who looks a lot like Noctis from Final Fantasy 15, fans say. The trailer then leads to demonstrating some combat. It is fast-paced as it integrates magically powered attacks, just like the last Final Fantasy installments.

The trailer finishes up with a voiceover stating, “The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough,” then continues with a montage of fighting scenes and other characters.

The game gives off a lot more of a real fantasy feel set in medieval times. In the last games we see technology and phones, while in this one, we do not.

So when is it releasing?

At the moment there has been no official announcement for the release date. Producer Yoshi-P confirmed in official press materials that “the next big information reveal is scheduled for 2021,” but many fans are expecting 2022 0r later. Many fans are just excited the game is actually being produced after many years of anticipation.

Will you play the newest Final Fantasy XVI?