How performance-based electives will continue during distance learning

The age of distance learning and its effects on the performance-based electives


Cami Bettencourt

Ms. Bettencourt taking a selfie during an 80s themed day during an online Dance 4 class.

Gabriel Cortez, Staff Writer

With Oakmont currently in a distance learning way of teaching, many elective programs have been forced into uncharted territory by having to adapt to these new situations. 

“Culinary 2 has adapted to fit distance learning in a way that everything goes through Google Classroom,” junior Halle Peterson said. “We either take pictures or send in videos of us doing so as if she was checking it off in class,”

Culinary is a very hands-on class, and many students feel it is hard to transition to an online version of the class. However, Ms. Ehrig gives the students assignments a week in advance to figure out what needs to be done on their ends for assignments. With all the ingredients having to be sourced by the students, it’s creating a sense of responsibility.

“Working on our sections is [kind of] a challenge sometimes, especially since we can’t be there to help each other,” senior marching band member Ella Borgeson said.

So far all that is known about a possible marching band season is that they will follow COVID-19 guidelines to move their season into early 2021. For right now, each student has access to instruments so that they can continue practicing and sharpening their skills for the 2021 season.

“Whether in person or through a screen, our dance family always finds a way to support each other,” senior Isabelle Connolly said. 

For Dance 4, the main showcases of their work are the two dance shows they put on every year, and due to COVID-19 halting any large performances, they are forced to adapt and find new ways to showcase their talent and hard work. There possibly could be virtual dance shows composed of solos and combos all being created during the distanced learning time.

“We can’t be physically together, but it will show the personal struggles and triumphs while we navigate this difficult time,” Connolly said.