Quarantined Businesses

Oakmont students take on the challenge of running a business during COVID-19.

Laurie Lencioni, Staff Writer

Both small and large businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, but some small businesses around Oakmont seem to be growing during this time. 

“When quarantine started, I had so much free time and decided to make it a reality,” junior Ella Pock, the owner of Sprinkle Box Treats, said.

For Ella Pock, a quarantine business had become a norm for her. Since Ella’s business was just beginning, it was hard for her to get credibility with her product because of people’s fear.

“I do think that COVID-19 made a big impact on starting out due to the fact that many people were scared to go somewhere new,” Pock said.

Junior Alyssa Schmidt found it easier to get her product to the public, with her homemade card business, LyssyLou Cards. 

“I have actually been able to direct some revenue towards increased advertisement, which has brought in more business,” Schmidt said.

Since Alyssa’s business did not begin during quarantine, she already had the credibility that Pock initially lacked. Luckily, during this time, they were both able to get more ideas for their products and had more time to be creative.

“It has also been a productive time inventory-wise because I have been able to focus on my skills and take the time to create new designs,” Schmidt said.

Due to the quarantine, both business owners were able to be productive in the creation of their products. The internet became a huge help for both of them because they had a way to stay in contact with shoppers and they had a way to become more known.

“I created a Yelp page, which was a huge help,” Pock said. “I actually just launched my new website.”