Inclusivity above all

Oakmont High School announces getting rid of gender-based titles in a step towards including every student in royalty for school dances.

Emily Rojas, Editor-in-Chief, Photographer, Designer

As of today, Oakmont has announced that they are updating their policies and getting rid of “gender-based titles.” Now, they will classify the nominees previously titled as king and queen for school dances under the term of royalty.  

“We met as a group and came to the following conclusion: Inclusivity above all else,” activities director Michael Kentris said.

The decision was made in an effort to be more inclusive for all students. The change has been prompted from students advocating for inclusivity, specifically for people who do not identify with the traditional gender roles associated with the “king” and “queen” titles. 

“As a public school our vision should always be one of inclusivity,” activities director Michael Kentris said. “And I am proud of students advocating [for] what they believe in”

The change in policy and verbage of royalty is to be advertised in the coming spirit week for Winter Ball on January 25.