Winners never quit

Vikings go 2-1 during last week's basketball tournament

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Winners never quit

Jack Eby, Staff Writer

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The Oakmont varsity boys’ basketball team had a tournament at Galt High School last weekend, and won two out of the three games that they played. The Vikings played the Kimble Jaguars, the West Wolfpack, and the Galt Warriors.

“Definitely rebounding killed us in our second game against West,” freshman Derek Lamb said.

The Vikings averaged 57.6 points this weekend against their opponents, and on average, held their opponents to only 54.

“We did a lot better in executing our plays and making sure we ran them all the way through,” Lamb said.

In the two wins that the Vikings got this weekend, they outscored their opponents 121-108.

“I believe we played really good defense in all of our games and we just let one slip away,” junior Nathan Greenfield said.

The Vikings take on the Mira Loma Matadors on December 21 at 1:30 p.m. so make sure to come out and support!