The Vapedemic


Ethan Lelis, Staff Writer

Vaping could be deemed as the most widespread trend for highschoolers over the past five years. In 2014, a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that around 13.4 percent of highschool students reported that they had vaped at least once in the past 30 days. That alarming number has jumped to 34.2 percent in 2019.

“I think there has been an increase in vaping because people try it to fit in, starts as a social thing then turns into an addiction,” senior Gaije Carder said.

With flavors ranging from cotton candy to unicorn poop, there has been an increasing appeal to adolescents in the tobacco industry. Although it is considered less harmless and better than cigarettes, the younger generations have turned to begin a new era of nicotine addiction. 

However, the fruity vapor isn’t all that harmless as it proclaims to be. 

“I think kids are appealed to vaping because of the variety of fruity flavors and how it is easily accessible,” sophomore Ava Anhaiser said.

According to the Washington Post, there have been over 354 reports of severe lung diseases among young adults and teens who have a history of vaping. The vapor released by e-cigarettes has also been researched by the American Cancer Society and was found to contain harmful flavoring chemicals as well as formaldehyde, a cancer causing substance often found in materials like glue and plywood.

“Vaping increases blood pressure as well as can lead to serious lung problems,” junior Cameron Empson said.

Yet research and evidence about potential major health risks has yet to stop teens from vaping, as the number has continued to gradually increase over the years. Another concern is that vaping can burn a hole in anyone’s wallet, as the addiction gets worse so do the expenses.

‘’Another problem with vaping is that it’s expensive and continues to get expensive as the demand of nicotine goes up,” Carder said.

More troubles with vaping include the authoritative action that can be taken by anyone from parents to the law.  The main focus and trouble with vaping occurs here on campus. Students tend to bring their various devices to school in order to maintain their addiction and get the nic fix they tend to fiend for.

“Vaping is often a problem here on campus and students often vape on campus

 in hopes of not being caught,” Anhaiser said.

On campus vaping is common and affects everyone, examples such as a herd in the bathroom or having the fire alarm go off quite often.  Along with vaping, action taken against vaping is very common. Kids who get caught vaping tend to earn themselves a suspension, as well as other punishment if necessary.

“If you get caught vaping or with vaping devices on campus, you can get cited for it, as well as Juvenile Probation can have your license suspended for one year. Also getting caught leads to a school suspension, Saturday school, work service, and much more  There are also health concerns, overdoses can lead to hospital trips,”Officer Cortez said.

If there is no change in teen use of vapes, then based off statistics half of the teens in America will be affected by this epidemic. All these health dangers and the risk of being caught should be enough, what’s the point of vaping?

“There is no point in vaping, it has no benefits and only causes harm to the user,” Empson said.