To define family

How Oakmont students identify the meaning of family

Bailey Hintz, Staff Writer

To define family, it is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. However, family means something different to everyone, students of all grade levels around campus were interview about what family means to them, here are their responses:

Senior Dominic Valentine, Ohana:

“Because ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind”


Junior Javanah Sanchez, Supportive:

“Because family should always have each other’s backs, and be there when needed”


Sophomore Nicole Mendoza, Caring:

“Because my family is always there for me no matter what”


Freshman Ellianna Woodward, Sacrifice:

“Because when you’re with your family you have to give up time and money, and it’s no longer about yourself it’s about your family”


Freshman Autumn Morton, Bond:

“Because no matter when even if you get into fights with your friends you’ll always have a certain bond with your family you can never break, and even if you get into arguments you always come back to each other”


Sophomore Zachary Roberts, Laughter:

“Because at my house we are always laughing and making jokes, whether it is during dinner of family game night”


Junior Gabriel Cortez, Friendship:

“I said friendship due to the fact that I have so many close friend that I consider closer than my own family, and who are always there for me unlike my family”


Senior Aaron McMillian, Happiness:

“Because [my family and I] are always going out and doing things and were always happy like on family trips”