Getting Kosy with marriage

Senior Kosy Nnaji shares her story of having someone propose to her.

Grace Smith | Norse Notes

Grace Smith, Staff Writer, Features Editor, & Copy Editor

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Senior Kosy Nnaji has big plans for Christmas this year. She will be visiting Dubai and Nigeria to spend the holidays with her family. 

Nnaji has been to Nigeria and Dubai several times over the past couple of years. One time, she was even proposed to by a stranger there. 

“I was staying at a hotel in Dubai and decided to go to the local market with my family,” Nnaji said. “There, I ran into two guys who started talking to me.”

Nnaji went to dinner later on and when she got back to her room, she had received a text message from one of the guys asking her to go downstairs to the lobby.

“He talked about how he liked me a lot and the next thing I know, he is getting down on one knee without a ring,” Nnaji said. “I kept yelling at him to get up, while everyone was clapping for us. I told him I didn’t know him well enough and then ran away.”

Nnaji went back to her room and received even more text messages from him. He told her how much he loves her and wants to be with her.

“I didn’t even know him,” Nnaji said. “He kept sending me bible verses and long paragraphs. It was really strange, but funny.”