Building a Foundation For Future Careers

The construction workshops at Oakmont are preparing students for their future in the workforce.


Norse Note | Nevaeh Hernandez

Nevaeh Hernandez, Staff Writer & Social Media Manager

On Wednesday, September 25 the very first construction workshop of this school year took place at Oakmont. The workshop is only the first of the six scheduled workshops. This workshop had a guest speaker from the company L&S Framing, and was intended to give students an insight on the construction career and prepare them for the future.

“I have been taking [construction] classes here since my freshman year,” junior Mallory Miller said. “I am really into construction and thinking about doing it as a career, so this is a good way to get the experience.”

The workshop was the first of many and involved each student from the several schools that attended to build a small 5X8 structure. The students split into groups and worked together to make the foundations and walls of the structure they will be working on throughout the year.

“[The workshop] is very loud but it is good to get to know people there,” junior Zachary Briscoe-smith said. “I joined the workshop because I thought it would be a good experience for the future.”

All students who decided to participate will receive experience in the construction business. Juniors have a chance at receiving a paid summer internship and possible high school credits. Seniors however, could walk away after graduation with a job in the business. It is advised to attend all of the workshops to be considered for each of these.

“[The internship] was an interesting experience because for an entire week I got to experience different trade,” senior Andrew Shaw said.  “I experienced tiling, landscaping, framing, and electric. It was an interesting experience because I got to learn hands on, on the construction site and work on actual homes. It was very hot.”

Terri Griffin, Coordinator of Work Based Learning, finds many benefits to providing this opportunity to students in our district.

“I think the workshops are valuable for many reasons,” Griffin said. “The skills learned in the workshops (how to appropriately swing a hammer, lay tile, practice safety) are skills that students can use for the rest of their lives.”

These workshops have been successful with helping various students gain construction experience and jobs for the past three years, and hope to continue the legacy for many years to come.

“Juniors who attend are given first priority for the internships,” Griffin said. “Seniors who attend are given priority at the senior hiring fair in April.”