Résumé Szn

Four steps to creating a good résumé.


Before applying for a job, it is essential that one creates a memorable résumé in order to boost their chances of being hired. 

On a résumé, a person is able to add all sorts of accomplishments such as: awards, activities, previous jobs, and skills one has acquired throughout their life. 

When creating a résumé, it is a good idea to include any and all previous jobs you have had. With this, be sure to write down what the job was and what your responsibilities consisted of. Résumés should be short and objective, since employers only spend about a minute looking at it.

You should also write down any awards you have achieved, whether it was for school or for a hobby. Go into depth about what it was that you accomplished and why it is helpful for the job you are applying for.

Additionally, acknowledging the activities, sports, and even skills you have can be beneficial when writing your résumé. Write a little bit about how long you may have been playing a sport, or have been doing an activity.

Tell the employers what it is that interested you about that specific job and explain why you would like to work there. Be sure to add whether or not you have had any experience in the line of work you hope to get into. Be sure to highlight important information, have contacts at the top, and make sure it is well put together.