Music on Campus

The sounds we hear.

Ethan Lelis, Staff Writer

Music plays a part in our everyday lives here on campus. Students are seen wearing earbuds practically 24/7 and do so for various reasons.

“Music is something that will always be there. Music is especially important to me since it hypes me up, especially before something like a big lift in the gym,” senior Gaije Carder said.

The great thing about music is the diversity of songs and styles created by the artists. Music is a way for students to relax, get pumped up, bring people together, etc.

“The song of choice depends on my mood. If I’m having a good day then it’s usually upbeat music and if I’m having a bad day then usually slower songs,” Carder said. 

 Music is heavily influenced by a person’s peers. Spending time with someone allows you to learn music preferences from each other. However, not everyone is easily influenced and in return will have their own preferences. 

“My peers don’t have an influence on the music I like, except for introducing me to new songs,” junior Michael McGovern said.

It is found that a lot of students tend to actually collect a few benefits from listening to music.  Things such as a self-esteem boost or putting in earbuds for some instant stress relief.  

“Music helps me concentrate because I’m naturally a musical person and it’s therapeutic for me,” McGovern said.