Sitting, Chilling at the Holliday Inn

Cody Holliday has joined the Oakmont staff.


Claire Arnold, Staff Writer & Copy Editor

This school year, Cody Holliday became a special education teacher after years of being a paraeducator here on campus.

“I chose Oakmont because it’s been my home for the last six years,” Holliday said. “[I’ve been a] paraeducator here since 2013. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Mr. Holliday teaches in the Severe Multiple Disabilities (SMD) Program. He also teaches Independent Living Skills and Functional Academics. This is his first year of teaching, but he has been a paraeducator with RJUHSD for 12 years. Mr. Holliday wants to help the students of Oakmont and make an impact on students’ lives.

“Its okay to make mistakes,” Holliday said. “Let’s learn from it together.

Mr. Holliday graduated in 2005 from Chico State with a BA in Social Science. He is a fan of Ohio State University’s sports teams. He is also an avid runner, and completed a marathon in March called Ruck a Chuck 50k.

“I knew in high school I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to make an impact [on] kids’s lives,” Holliday said. “Especially now with my current position, I know I’m doing that!”