Teaching with Trimble

The new teacher at Oakmont with a drive to enhance students’ abilities in math.

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Teaching with Trimble

Sophia Socolova, Staff Writer

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Math teacher, Beth Trimble, has always had a passion for mathematics and the various ways it is applied in the world.

The majority of people do not enjoy math, but for Ms. Trimble that was never the case.

“You hear people say how terrible math is all the time and I just thought that it was a shame,” Trimble said.

Math is applied to multiple aspects of the digital world, motivating Trimble to teach the basic component.

“Math really does make the world go round,” Trimble said. “Our cellphones and Netflix. Everything is based on that.”

Ms. Trimble did not know right away that she wanted to teach, so she pursued another career involving elements of math.

“I was a pharmacy technician for a long time,” Trimble said.

After a while, Ms. Trimble decided that she wants to pursue math full time and has been teaching for 12 years.

Recently, Ms. Trimble decided she wants to gain a greater volume of math.

“I decided to go back to school to get my masters so that I can do more math,”Trimble said.

She considers this decision a positive in her life and enjoys spending her free time learning more of what she loves. 

“It’s a hobby with a benefit that I get,” Trimble said.