1-on-1 with Mr. Kentris

Welcoming our new Activities Director and Student Government teacher to Oakmont.

1-on-1 with Mr. Kentris

Raeann Navarro | Norse Notes

Nevaeh Hernandez, Staff Writer & Instagram Manager

With the start of the new school year, the Oakmont family welcomed many new teachers, including the new Activities Director and Student Government teacher, Michael Kentris.

“I spent [my] first eight years teaching in Castro Valley High School down in the bay area,” Kentris said. “I was a history teacher and football coach for the first four years, and then activities director for the last four years.” 

Kentris went to UC Davis to get his bachelor’s degree in history and minored in education. Later, he went to California State University, East Bay to get his masters in educational curriculum. 

 “[Oakmont] is a little different [than Castro Valley] in the four by four schedule with four classes in one semester and four another semester,” Kentris said. “It starts earlier, 7:45 is a little early [because] I’m not the biggest morning person, but I am definitely adjusting.” 

As a student government teacher, he wants to be able to make everyone happy.

“[This year] I just really want to try to build Oakmont’s family as much as possible,” Kentris said. “I want to see students involved, I want to see people enjoy themselves.”

Although it is only Kentris’s first year at Oakmont, his students are already familiar with his interests and hobbies such as watching, coaching, and playing sports. What people may be surprised to find out though, is that he loves the arts.

“I am really passionate about the arts, which can be kind of a curve ball, because I’m a big sports person,” Kentris said.  “I love Broadway shows, as crazy as that may sound.”