A Whole New World

Alyson Roberts, Staff Writer

When the new “Aladdin” announced its release in May 2019, many teenagers and young adults reminisced about the movie that was a huge part of their childhood. Senior Kailey Jacques jumped on the opportunity to see the new and improved film when it premiered.

“I was excited to see how they twisted the genie with Will Smith, ” Jacques said

Of course the adored Robin Williams who voiced the original genie was a classic. However, Will Smith made his mark as he captured the laughs and hearts of the audience.

“The genie was a little bit more of a modern genie, physically and mentally so I think that was kind of a cool twist on the movie,” Jacques said.

Jacques suggests in order to fully be able to comprehend the plot of the movie, anyone who has not already seen the original movie should see it before watching the new film.

“When I heard the songs play from the original movie, even though they were re-done, I felt like a little kid, ” Jacques said.

Getting to watch the movies we all grew up on; but in a modern and non-animated sense both brings us back to our childhood and makes us feel like kids again

“My favorite part was the ending when Aladdin told the genie that he was going to use his last wish to set him free…it made my heart happy,” Jacques said.